Enzo Villani, Financial Markets Strategist Joins Alvara Protocol as a Key Advisor

Alvara Protocol
3 min readFeb 7, 2024

Alpha Sigma Capital Fund makes strategic investment in Alvara Protocol’s Seed Round.

Enzo Villani, CEO, Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH) and Managing Partner of Alpha Sigma Capital funds, a leading digital asset investment and advisory organization, has joined Alvara Protocol as Key Advisor in combination with a strategic investment and partnership.

Alvara Protocol democratizes the world of fund management providing an innovative tokenized fund factory that leverages decentralized finance, maintaining transparency, increasing liquidity and providing a more cost efficient solution than traditional hedge funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Since 2015, Enzo has been an active leader and advisor to top firms in financial technology for companies such as Nasdaq and BATS trading, blockchain and Web3 companies including CSO of Transform Group, co-founder of Blockchain Wire, Head of International Strategy and Innovation at OKX, senior advisor to Shiba Inu ecosystem, and as an early investor in over fifty projects including Quant Networks, Solana, OriginTrail, Audius, Splinterlands, Aave, Polkadot, and Theta Labs, in which eight of the projects reached unicorn status by 2021.

Enzo Villani, CEO, Alpha Transform Holdings, stated, “Alvara introduces a unique protocol that decentralizes fund management with transparency and efficiency at its core. Traditional fund management often proves cumbersome and costly, particularly for smaller funds. The coordination of regulatory compliance, accounting, relationships, and investments can be a disjointed process. Alvara addresses these challenges with an integrated approach, streamlining the entire fund management experience.”

Callum Mitchell-Clark, Co-Founder, stated, “With his unparalleled experience as Chief Strategist at OKX and Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, Enzo brings a wealth of knowledge to the Alvara team. He has a proven track record of strong strategic foresight in both the blockchain and traditional financial sectors, as well as a deep understanding of market dynamics. Enzo’s involvement is not just an addition to our team; it’s an acceleration to global impact.”

Dominic Ryder, Co-Founder, stated, “Alvara has the potential to be one of the most scalable pieces of DeFi infrastructure crypto has ever seen. Enzo’s experience and guidance will be invaluable in pushing this groundbreaking technology to the world.”

About Alvara Protocol

The Alvara Protocol is a transformative platform in the DeFI space designed to democratize the world of fund management. Built on the newly developed ERC-BTS token standard, Alvara provides an innovative tokenized fund factory that paves the way for anyone to become a fund manager. This unique ecosystem maintains complete transparency, allowing other investors to confidently contribute to the fund. Alvara adds a new dimension to decentralized finance by revolutionizing how we perceive and engage with the fund management as manager and investors.

About Alpha Transform Holdings

Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH) is a digital asset organization dedicated to ushering in the future of blockchain-powered Web3. With our deep knowledge and expertise, we invest in and advise innovative companies and decentralized projects that leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional industries such as financial services, healthcare, media & entertainment, and more. We work closely with portfolio companies to drive value while creating outsized returns and are renowned for our detailed research on growing blockchain initiatives. Our mission is simple: to accelerate the mass adoption of distributed ledger technology through investments that provide impactful solutions with long-term sustainability. Our vision is an open, connected world powered by secure decentralized systems so that everyone can benefit from the new tech economy. https://www.alphatransform.io/