Alvara Protocol: Tenset’s Next Gem Unveiled

Alvara Protocol
3 min readAug 18, 2023


Alvara is excited to announce a significant milestone: our strategic partnership with the esteemed crypto launchpad, Tenset’s Gem Launch Platform (TGLP).

In this dynamic and ever-evolving realm of technology and innovation, the choice of launchpad is pivotal in shaping the trajectory of a project. Among these platforms, TGLP has garnered substantial attention. An exclusive launchpad dedicated to fostering the growth of the most promising projects in the industry, Alvara has successfully secured its place as Tenset’s Next Gem.

Tenset has established a track record of discerning excellence, handpicking projects that shine as true gems and that demonstrate global aspirations. The list of previous TGLP gems stands as a testament to this critical selection process and includes prominent names such as Metahero, Everdome, and Satoshi Island.

Harnessing Tenset’s robust marketing and promotional prowess will undoubtedly amplify the visibility of Alvara, drawing the interest of investors and users alike. Tenset boasts a considerable global community, marked by particularly strong affiliations in key regions such as Japan, Korea, and Turkey. With a proven track record in launching successful ventures, Tenset emerges as a dependable partner for projects aiming to gain traction and recognition within the cryptocurrency sphere.

Tenset’s endorsement of Alvara Protocol through the rigorous TGLP voting process underscores Alvara’s potential and viability. Paving the way for the next generation of successful fund managers, Alvara’s revolutionary new token standard (ERC-BTS) provides core DeFi infrastructure, not only as the optimum standard for ALL funds created on-chain, but also in its impressive BTS rewards incentive scheme. Imagine a buzzing hive of affiliate protocols, each driven by an electrifying ambition, to hoard the coveted veALVA — the very nectar of influence. What drives this intense competition? The ability to direct the substantial ALVA reward stream, constituting an impressive 44% of the token’s overall supply.

This partnership not only provides Alvara Protocol with a platform for exposure but also aligns it with a network of kindred visionaries and enthusiasts united by a shared drive to reshape the financial landscape. This is the dawn of an era where the ordinary is forgotten, and the extraordinary takes its rightful place.

Alvara’s public sale via Tenset will account for Alvara’s entire public sale allocation of 8,000,000 ALVA tokens at the IDO price of $0.30, targeting a raise of $2.4M USD.

Mark your calendars: the TGLP sale for Alvara Protocol’s native token, ALVA, is scheduled for February 2024. Secure ALVA tokens and participate in this groundbreaking ecosystem from its earliest stages through to global prominence.

About Alvara

The Alvara Protocol is a decentralized platform that utilizes the ERC-BTS (Basket Token Standard) to create and manage funds on the blockchain. Alvara offers a comprehensive fund Factory and Marketplace, with a transparent leaderboard showcasing the performance of every BTS created. ALVA and veALVA tokens assume crucial roles in driving the ecosystem’s growth and governance with veALVA holders wielding significant influence over the substantial ALVA reward stream. Removing traditional barriers, Alvara fosters a democratic meritocracy in crypto investing, enabling full lifecycle fund management, from creation to ownership transfer, within its seamless framework.

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