Alvara Joins Google Web3 Startups Program, Unveiling Enhanced Opportunities for Innovation

Alvara Protocol
3 min readApr 4, 2024


We are thrilled to announce that Alvara has been accepted into the prestigious Google for Startups Cloud Program, specifically tailored for Web3 projects and startups. This marks a significant milestone for Alvara, opening doors to valuable resources, community support, and technological advancements.

As a member of the Google for Startups Cloud Program with Web3 benefits, Alvara gains access to a comprehensive suite of tools and opportunities designed to foster innovation and growth in the dApp and Web3 ecosystem.

Google Cloud Credits: Fueling Innovation

One of the standout features of Alvara’s participation in the program is the allocation of $200,000 USD in Google Cloud credits over the span of two years. This substantial support ensures that Alvara can focus on pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Web3 Exclusive Benefits

In addition to the Google Cloud credits, Alvara gains access to a multitude of exclusive benefits tailored for Web3 projects and startups including:

  • Invite-only access to the gated Google Cloud Web3 Discord channel, providing us with a platform to engage with like-minded innovators and industry experts.
  • VIP access to Google Cloud events at global Web3 conferences, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of industry developments.
  • Early access to cutting-edge products and hands-on learning labs focused on Web3 which will deepen our expertise and ability to deliver impactful solutions.

Build and Grow Across the Web3 Ecosystem

Alvara also now has the opportunity to apply for exclusive grants from industry leaders such as Aptos, Celo, Flow, The HBAR Foundation, Near, and Solana Foundation. Moreover, priority review for the Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund, discounts on Nansen products, and credits for Alchemy are among the additional benefits we can leverage.

Additional Program Benefits

Beyond the Web3-specific benefits, Alvara gains access to a range of other valuable resources including:

  • Google Cloud Customer Care: With $12,000 USD in Google Cloud Customer Care Enhanced Support credits, we can ensure fast response times for our technical support needs.
  • Google Cloud Training and Tech Support: Alvara has been granted $500 USD in Google Cloud Skills Boost credits, enabling us to further enhance our skills through online courses and hands-on labs.
  • Business Support and Offers: Dedicated support from a Startup Success Manager and eligibility for Google Workspace discounts, Google Maps Platform credits, and MongoDB Atlas credits provide us with the necessary resources to navigate and thrive in the competitive landscape.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together with Google, empowering Alvara to push the boundaries of possibility in the Web3 space. We are committed to leveraging these resources to drive meaningful impact and to revolutionize the financial landscape.

About Alvara Protocol

The Alvara Protocol is a decentralized platform that utilizes the ERC-7621 (Basket Token Standard) to create and manage funds on the blockchain. Alvara offers a comprehensive fund Factory and Marketplace, with a transparent leaderboard showcasing the performance of every BTS created. ALVA and veALVA tokens assume crucial roles in driving the ecosystem’s growth and governance with veALVA holders wielding significant influence over the substantial ALVA reward stream. Removing traditional barriers, Alvara fosters a democratic meritocracy in crypto investing, enabling full lifecycle fund management, from creation to ownership transfer, within its seamless framework.

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